Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reboot Entry Program

Reboot Entry Program

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 4, umm, well, 3 months later

Yeah yeah,It has been three months and I have not improved.

I have bought cool workout dvds and a mat and yoga dvd and weights. I eat avacodos now and we only drink almond milk at home.

BUT, I am still fat, still smoke, still lazy, never walk, never dance, never play tennis, feel I should send a miss you card to my gym, and I am sooooo tired.

So, again I am trying. This weekend is my last chance to do all the lazy stuff.

I would like to lose weight,have pretty hair and skin, and look better by mid August. Holly gets married in August and I want to be better.

So, this fat pig is ready for change. I will quit smoking and go back to the gym, thats a great start. Thats where I will start.

Any ideas, any thing to say (besides, "Wow, you really are a big fat smelly pig!")I will take into consideration.

Now, back to my laying on the couch. Where is my pepperoni? Where is my soda?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Piggy Day 3

Today I did a tad better. I still woke up late. But this time I got in the shower and found a nice outfit to wear. This time I chose orange juice to go with my coffee. This time I had apple juice for lunch. This time I cleaned my desk a little at work.
I ate at my dad's house. He made barbequed ribs with fried potatoes. But.. he also made peas. I ate happily. I took all of the decorations off the tree at his house and I shall count that as cardio.
I also did put a lime in my beer. Ohh and I payed my cell phone bill. So I am still just as fat,but my tiny steps out of my pig pen make me very happy. I am clean, got a bill paid, went to work dressed like a girl and still have enough lime for another beer. Wish me luck tomorrow.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Piggy Day 2

First day back to work. I layed awake last night until four. Then the alarm went off and I didn't actually respect it until the third one was on its second snooze. So, yes I made it in earlier than the morning meeting,but at what expense? I didn't have time to dress pretty or do any maintanance. I did get a small coffee instead of a large one. So bla bla bla and it was finally five.

I went to the grocery store, was good in the pasta aisle.I chose whole wheat pasta and got some rice milk. yay!! I got some cheerios because they are supposed to be good whole grain oats or something.

But then it went down hill. Cheezits and cocoa pebbles. Meatballs and ceasar salad.

Then it got good,whole grain bread to go with the meatballs and sauce.

Then it got bad, chocolate bar.

Then it almost got good, strawberry banana smoothie. But,at five dollars a pop,just to have Patrick drink it at 3 in the morning. Then it got good. New underwear and socks for me. New soap. this kind doesn't supposed to leave soap scum on me.

So I did have my eye on the prize. I bought juice instead of soda too. I came home and made great meatballs with salad and bread. Oh and to be extra healthy, I put lime in my beer.

I am exausted. I am hoping that each day my choices get better and better.

Tomorrow I will describe at length the plan my dad has devised for me to quit smoking. Wish me luck on my day three.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Piggy Day 1

I drink too much, smoke too much, eat too much, sit around too much. I need to exfoliate better, brush better, dress better, have better posture, finish school, clean house better, lose 40 pounds, do laundry more and eat more vegan style. thats all. I am pretty happy with my other features. I am still smart and nice. I have the best friends around. Kids are great, my parents are well. I am ok enough at sex. I will probably be even better after this transformation though. So there is it.thats what this is all about. Anyone who wants to can join my quest. -<3 Big Pig.